Saturday, 21 February 2015

Book Review

Title: Harry Potter and the Chamber of Secrets             
Author: J.K.Rowling
Genre: Fiction.  Magic/Fantasy/Mystery

harry potter.jpgHarry Potter is a twelve year old wizard starting his second year at Hogwarts School of Witchcraft and Wizardry, along with his friends Hermione and Ron. Mysterious things are happening to the students at Hogwarts, there is a ghost in the toilet, strange noises and spiders.  Everyone is starting to suspect Harry, who has started to hear voices and can speak like a snake.  When Hermione, gets frozen, Harry and Ron take control and try to solve the mystery.

The story was good because it had lots of imagination and great words.  It is really interesting, because it never gets boring and you can read it again and find out new things each time.  It is a mixture of funny, exciting, scary and sad.  The book has really good characters, my favourites are Hermione and Ginny, Harry, Ron and the twins.  It is a hard book to put down.  It is good that it is in a series and movies, because this helps it makes sense and you can understand it better and you never want it to end.
It has some hard words that are tricky to sound out and some people might not understand some of the words or some of the things that go on in the book without a parent.

The book has got themes of new friendship, accepting different people, fixing problems with friendships, dark themes of power, evil and mean people. The book is trying to send a message that if you are different, it doesn’t mean that you are wrong.  You don't need to be smart to be brave, and even if you have a rough time with your friend, you don’t give up on them.  Good wins over evil and they need to keep finding solutions to defeat evil, because it keeps coming back.  Because of the dark themes, they use humour to brighten the book up.  

I recommend the book and the series and the movies for ages 10 and up.  It is good if your parents read it first to explain things and watch the movies, because it helps understand things too.  It is like real life, except it is in another perspective.  It is a cool book and it makes me feel happy.  It makes me want to be magic and go to Hogwarts!

Thursday, 12 February 2015

Hawaii Holiday!!!!

My Mum, Dad and I drove up to Christchurch.We stayed at the Airport Gateway,we got up early the next morning.We got a shuttle to the airport then we flew on a plane to Auckland, we went straight to the international airport. Our plane was delayed for an hour because of the engine, so we had to wait for a long time! We finally got onto the plane and we got to go on business class!!! We got free movies and semi-nice food. It was night when we got out and the air was warm. We stayed at the Trump. There were 38 levels!! We were on level 23.We went to the beach the next day and we went on these water bicycles and we went stand up boarding. The next day we went to the Apple store. Four days later we moved places- we went to the Aulani Disney Resort. It had Mickey Mouse and all the other Disney characters. It also had two hydro slides, a lazy river, a toddler pool, a fish pool where you can swim with fish and food places. At Aulani I met Jane who is my new friend. She comes from Canada AND she is two days older than me!!! On the last day we went shopping! I really enjoyed my experience. I would love to go again.

Saint Dominic

Saint Dominic was born in Spain and his birthday was August the 8th 1170. He passed away in 1221.He was the member of the Guzman family. His mother was a holy woman. He started school at seven. He became a priest and founded the Dominicans.


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