Sunday, 6 November 2016

Creative Writing - What Is My Dream Holiday?

If I could go do anything in the world, I would travel the world. I would fly from Dunedin to Auckland. From Auckland I would fly to Melbourne, Australia. I would travel Australia and go to places like Sydney, the Gold Coast, Queensland and then fly to Tasmania. Once I had explored Tasmania I would fly back to Melbourne so I could fly to Fiji. I would fly to one island to another. From Fiji I would go to Tonga, from Tonga I would go to Hawaii. I would spend lovely hot days in Hawaii and the go to the U.S.A. From Hawaii I would go to San Francisco, then I would drive down to Las Vegas. I would keep driving down to the Grand Canyon then I would carry on to Los Angeles and Hollywood. I would then fly over to the other side of America, to New York. I would restock my wardrobe then fly to Britain - London. After that I would fly Ireland then go to France - Paris. I would also go to Cape Town - South Africa. I would then go to the British Virgin Islands. I would go there because it has beautiful and nice beaches. I would like to go to Dubai because it has cool architecture. I would like to be an architect when I grow older. After a long year of traveling I would fly back to New Zealand. I would fly into Auckland from Dubai. I would fly back to Dunedin. Then I would travel back to Oamaru. It would be nice to travel around the world but it would be nice to be back home.  

Tuesday, 1 November 2016

ICAS Exams

I sat 3 ICAS exams this year, and I did maths, english and spelling. It was my first time doing ICAS and the reason why I did it was for the fun and to get the hang of exams. They are very hard, but now I know what to expect for next year!

Grade 3 NZ Speech Board Exam 2016

Lately I have been practicing speech for my Grade 3 NZ Speech Board exam. I had to write a technical speech, make a presentation poster and talk to it (I chose swimming!).  I also had to practice sight-reading, a prepared extract (Harry Potter and the Half Blood Prince!) and a poem.  In the exam we got put on the spot to do an improvisation.  I was nervous at the start, it was nice just to have two of us, not a big group.  I felt like I did well and I got Merit.  Competitions are fun.  Exams are harder than competitions, because they are at the end of the year with all the other assessments.  Performing at events is really fun, because it doesn't matter if you muck up - they don't know, because they don't have your words!!!

Pilot Essay

What job has the best office view, you can travel the world and you are helping others while doing your job? What is it? My dream job, a Pi...