Sunday, 8 October 2017

Pilot Essay

What job has the best office view, you can travel the world and you are helping others while doing your job? What is it? My dream job, a Pilot! In America there is estimated to be 130,000 pilots, that are qualified. They would travel around USA and the world! You could spend 2-3 years learning to be a pilot, and you could fly around the world almost for free!

What do you have to do to get your commercial pilot's license?
It cost $6,500 to $7,000 dollars to get your commercial pilot's license. You have to get your private pilot’s license before you move on to commercial flying. STEP 1: You have to meet basic requirements vision tests, be at least 18 years old, have a log book from a verified instructor, so that they know you can fly. STEP 2: Train as a private pilot. You learn what and how to work the airplane, communications, how to move the plane, airplane operations and maintenance; some flight schools have private classes so you don't have to go to as many lessons. STEP 3: Log book. You have to be able to fly by yourself and with a pilot-in-command. Complete  instrument training and a plane with designed gear. Flying across the country day and night conditions and do a specified number of takeoff and landings. Step 4: Pass the required tests. Pass a written exam writing your knowledge of navigation, regulations and safety. Step 5: Pursue additional certification: you have to have a license to be a commercial pilot. To be a commercial pilot you have be at least 23 years old and have a minimum 1,500 hours of flying experience. You also have to pass the FAA (logging pilot in command time) exams. You may have to do additional training for airlines. You may have to have a bachelor's degree or at least 2 years of college experience.

Skills and knowledge that you need to know to be a pilot.
Great flying skills, understanding civil law, knowledge of safety rules and emergency procedures, you know the flight paths. You have to cope with working conditions: You may work different  times to usual work places - eg. you would not work from 9am-3pm, because it depends on the flight times and what flight you are a pilot on. You would work in airports and/or cock-pits (which are small). Sometimes you would be in an uncomfortable situations (if there is bad weather) it would be noisy and might be bumpy. Travel between destinations close (like in NZ) or far away (international).

What you will do as a pilot?
Do pre-flight checks: like check the weather. To find out what the weather is or how to navigate, one of the main ways to navigate is to look out the windows! You have to have the right maps on board the plane. Another good way to find out the weather is to look on  or When you are flying through cloud or fog you need to check your compass, GPS to look at and 3 different ground based radio beacons; you also get backed up by traffic control. For pre-flight checks you also have to check the amount of fuel you would need for the flight, check if the plane is loaded and check if the fuel and equipment is also loaded. Talk with traffic control to see when and what time you can go on the runway, what run way number. Greet Passengers, helping them if the need help and make sure they are seated before take off. Navigate the flight path to the destination. Write in your flight log book and keep a flight log book wherever you fly.

How much do pilots get paid (the price they pay changes between each air company):
if you are new to piloting you will get paid per hour; per flight they get paid between $25-$80 per hour. If you start off as a domestic first pilot on a Turboprop, you earn $50,000 a year and can increase to $150,000. If you are a Jet plane pilot, you start off with $90,000 and can go up to $190,000 a year. If you are a international second pilot you would earn $90,000 and once you qualify you earn $92,000. If you are the captain you can earn up to $300,000. Air New Zealand Pilots: earn roughly earn $50,000 - $190,000 NZD annually but if you are a pilot flying internationally they get $80,000 - $300,000 a year! Qantas second officers get paid up to $100,000 ASD but in NZD it’s $108,170; The Senior Captain gets paid up to $536,000 AUD but NZD $579,791.20. Fun fact: Qantas pilots get paid more than the Australia's Prime Minister, he gets paid $366,000 AUD or $395,902.20 NZD.

My favourite plane that I would like to fly is a A380 Super Jet. The A380 is the biggest jet airliner with 2 decks which is the length of the whole plane. The length of the plane is 72.84m, the wingspan is 79.85m, the height is 11.88m. The A380 carries 525 passengers - 100 more passengers than the Boeing 747; the second biggest aircraft. It uses 2.6 liters of fuel per passenger per 100 km (1365 liters per 100km). It has 4 engines - 2 on each side. These planes go from Auckland - they go to: MEL (Melbourne), SYD (Sydney), BNE (Brisbane) which from there they fly to a whole lot of other destinations.  The first ever test flight was on 27th of April 2005, the first ever A380 plane was brought by Singapore Airlines in 2007, then is was Emirates in 2008, then later that year Qantas. Emirates is the largest A380 operator that had ordered 142 planes and has got 96 operating.

Piloting is an awesome job because you can do it as a job or for fun! You can earn a lot of money from it and see a birds eye view of your country. You get to spend a lot of time with your family when you are not flying. “Man must rise above the earth-to top the atmosphere and beyond-for only thus will he fully understand the world he lives in” -Socrates

Sunday, 24 September 2017

Zenith Swim Meet - Recount

I stepped over all the bags carefully and sat beside Jaxson.
¨How are you feeling?¨ He asked.
¨Nervous,¨ I replied
¨Molly go to your race!¨ My mum yelled.
¨Good luck!¨ everyone said as I walked over to marshaling. They called my name and I sat in lane 5´s seat. Time had past, races had started and finish; then it was my go to stand by the blocks. The swimmers were coming closer and closer to the wall. Then the whistle blew to get up on the block. I crouched on the block, still like a statue.
¨Take your marks¨

I dived into the bitter pool. The race had started; the timers were ticking; it was a race against the time. I had to beat 2:57:42, and my time was just under 3 minutes. So it was my least likely race to qualify in. The water rushed past me. Each breath was a breath of relief, a gulp of life flooded in me. Last 25m I thought to myself! A couple of meters ahead of me was a 16 year old girl but that wasn't going to stop me from catching up to here. As the time kept ticking and I kept pushing through the water; my fingers touched the wall!

I took a big, deep breath and paddled to the lane rope. I fixed my eyes on the board. Beside my lane number was first! Thoughts were flooding through my mind, ´I had bet a 16 year old (by .04 seconds)!´But that wasn't the best thing I qualified for Short Course Nationals for 13 year old and also for the next age group up, for the next year! Also to put a cherry on top of my pie,I got a 5 second personal best! I climbed out of the and went to get my clothes.
¨Good work!¨ I said to Gabby (The swimmer that just got beaten by a 13 year old!)
¨Good work to you too!¨ She replied with a smile.
I walked back to where everyone was sitting and they all said well done. But then I got the bad news from Jaxson:

¨You still have another race!!¨

Sunday, 10 September 2017

Writing 11/09/2017 - Persuasive Writing

Why every time you buy packet of chips there is only ¼ of the packet is full! You should get your money's worth of chips instead of salt and vinegar, sea salt etc air. I’m here to persuade you that it’s not worth paying that much money just to fill on a miniscule space in your tummy.

I think if you are at least paying $4.00 for a big packet of chips, the bag should be ¾ full at least. It’s almost the big companies don't have enough money to fill the whole bag with chips - instead they decide to fill it with air to make it look better (sometimes bigger is not the better). The attract the people by filling the bags with air so they look bigger and “have lots of chips in there;” when they don’t. Once one of my friends opened a bag of chips, she looked in and there was only 8 small chips. It’s not fair for the people buying the chips because they are wasting the money on fresh air!

That’s my next point a bag of chips cost a lot of money and they aren't that good for you. If you are paying $3-4.00 for a bag of chips you need to think ‘do you bother wasting the time (choosing the chips) and money (paying for the chips)’. The money they are getting for all these chips for them to do not that much work is silly. The biggest country that eats all these chips is, America. They eat 1.5 billion chips a year; that would add up to a lot of money!

Next time you are in a shop you need to think, do I really need to get these. They may taste, look, smell good but they aren’t actually that good for you. In my opinion I don’t think it’s worth spending that much money on fresh air; just to please your mouth.

Tuesday, 29 August 2017

The Glebe Writing 22/08/2017

At the end of every term, of every lunchtime, of every morning tea we would grab our bikes and bike out to the glebe. We would find the perfect place by the bike path, with heaps of sticks and little pine cones to build our cafe. We would yell out to each other:
“Someone get the pinecones?”
“OK, I will!”
“Get the little sticks that were at that good place we normally get them from!”
“Someone already is!”

We would carry on yelling out to each other until we got everything we needed. Sometimes we already had the stuff from the previous day. We sorted them into piles, once we got everything. We had everything you ‘could’ get from a cafe! Like the coffee; the hot chocolate; the tea; the chocolate brownie. The bikers would bike through fast, slowing down -sometimes- when the went past us. The bikers would order the food and we would quickly rush to get them there food. We would say to pay with leaves or bark. Then they would bike off coming around the next time!

Tuesday, 8 August 2017

Cold Water Writing 9/08/2017

This morning and this afternoon, and every other day, when the clock hits 6:10am I dive into the icy cold water. The cold water stabs me like I just dived in a pile of nails. Goosebumps raise on me, like little mountains, and my body goes rigid. I slowly pull my body through the ice bath of water; kicking my legs to keep me afloat. The clock slowly turns 11 past 6 - after what feels like forever. I am close to the wall, I tuck my head in, and I turn. My legs hit the briskly cold wall. I push off and glide into the second length of the 200 freestyle. The water warms up as I keep swimming, turning, gliding, pulling through the water.  

Saturday, 29 July 2017

The Sir Peter Blake Award!

On the last day of school for Term 2, The Sir Peter Blake Award was handed out. I was the person from my class who had got it. If you don't know who Sir Peter Blake is he sailed around the 5 times! He also competed in the America's Cup 3 times. The first time he won the America's Cup for New Zealand he wore the famous "Red Socks". The "Red Socks" were a present from his wife and when ever he wore them good things happened. Sadly he got killed by pirates in the Brazil seas. He was on a mission with some other scientists to find out about climate change. He said climate change was bad back in 2000, imagine what it’s like now 17 years later. In the pack I got: A book - The Story of Sir Peter Blake by Tessa Duber, A Medal, A pair of red socks and a certificate. I was nominated by Mrs Baird last year and also Mrs Frances-Rees.  “Molly is a fantastic role model, who uses her initiative and is always willing to help others.  She is a fantastic leader who is very organised, she comes up with new ideas and thinks about all the detail so they run successfully.  She relates well to children of all ages and is very dedicated to her leadership role.”

Tuesday, 25 July 2017

My EMBARRASSING Brother - That I Don't Have!!

Goal: Language Resources

“Why, why, WHY? Why is MY brother so embarrassing?” Well you're probably wondering why I’m going on about my brother being so EMBARRASSING, well let me explain! My brother is a very awkward, smelly (like a rotting rat was in his pocket), PS4 addicted (like a cat to catnip), geeky 15 year old, who has no friends - well he does have 1 friend…… but she’s not really real!

My Mum is a ‘go and get some fresh air’ kind of mum, so when my mum said to my brother “Go and get look at the beautiful surroundings out in the air,” he didn’t argue he just did what my mum said and got some clean air, rather than a stinky boys room. Here is the embarrassing part; He took his imaginary ‘Girlfriend’ with him! You might be thinking why is this so bad, let’s just say IT’S BAD!!

If he is in a public space he pretends to be with his ‘girlfriend’ and he does all the things that people with their ‘special friend’; like holding hands and all the other GROSS things people do with their ‘special friend’! I never want to be around him when we are out in public because now he has a ‘girlfriend’ and pretends like he is talking to his ‘girlfriend’ people always look and laugh. Its funny if your watching but not really if you related!

My Brother likes to invent new things (part of my brothers geekiness!), one of his new and improved things he’s invented is a fart-gun! Yes a fart-gun! He has tested it out in the house before and it smells horrific - it smells like you have just dived into a sewer tank……. aka DISGUSTING!! Whenever my Brother builds a new creation he has to show his ‘girlfriend’. My Dad has banned it from our property so he went to the park.

He improved it by putting more of everything in it and even putting some fireworks in it! He went to the park to show his ‘girlfriend’ to ‘impress’ her. When he pulled the trigger on the fart-gun it made a terrible farting sound, everyone started laughing, then their faces turned white with horror. The only one who was clapping was his ‘girlfriend’ and everyone else had fell over on the surface with the terrible odor.

It was a bad idea to do it on that day because little did he know he there was a national ‘Catch The Murderer Day’ - so there was heaps of police around! When he set it off it made a very loud noise and the smell waves flowed into every corner of the city. The police can running,
“What have you done?” said one of the many police,
“What’s that terrible smell” said another policemen/just as they said that (and more than 30 other policemen saying the same thing)all of the policeman dropped to the ground.

When the smell had faded away more policemen come to arrest my brother for the terrible smell he made. A lot of people went to hospital sick as a dog from the smell. My brother swiftly ran away knowing (I don’t know how he thought that with his ‘brain’) that the police would come after him.

He went far, far away into a forest. When our Mum said
“Go and get some fresh air,”
He went away into a forest and made an underground house. So that’s where he went there and stayed there for a long time. Meanwhile when he went missing people were looking everywhere, there were police with dogs, he was on the headlines of papers, billboards and on the news.  

1 year went by and know one saw him…… He was still alive but stick thin. Someone was walking through the forest and saw him, lying on the ground…….... DEAD; That’s the story why I’m an only child!

Pilot Essay

What job has the best office view, you can travel the world and you are helping others while doing your job? What is it? My dream job, a Pi...