Sunday, 28 June 2015

Highlights Of Term 2

This term has been an exciting and busy. We got a new class rat called Speggetti becase the other one passed away. Nisha brought her new bunny rabit called Leo to visit us. For Mothers Day we had a Wounderful Womens Day. I brought my auntie Jilly Ju Ju. In maths we did area and perimeter. I learnt how to find a area and perimeter of a circle. On Friday we had a support the Highlanders mufti day. We sent a video to them. Next term I am looking forward to learning new things.


Thursday, 25 June 2015

Rat's Toy I Made

In the weekend I made rat toys. Miss Huls had a challege to make a rat toy for our new class rat Spaghetti. My Nana was down and she taught me how to knit, so I made these blankets for both of the rats. The other one I made is a swing. I made it out of a toilet roll, some string and beads. When we put it up should go on the top of the cage so he can go through it and go over it.

My Poetry Response.

What is the Colour?

What is pink? A strawberry is pink

Brought in a Farmers market.
What is red? A tomatoes red

Growing on the vine.
What is blue? A blueberries blue

Growing bigger and bigger.

What is white? White chocolate is white

Made by Whittaker's chocolate.

What is yellow? Bananas are yellow,

Rich and ripe and mellow.
What is green? A cucumber is green,
nice and long and narrow.
What is violet? Grapes are violet,
round and small.
What is orange? Why, an orange,
Just an orange!

This poem is like What is Pink? By Christina Rossetti.

My Dream Bedroom

For perimeter and area we had to design our own dream bedroom. I have got a bed, pillows, bedside cabinets, swing chair, desk, chair, bean bag, window seat, piano, rug, coffee table and a tv cabinet.


This was my inspiration. The whole area of my bedroom is 150m and the whole perimeter is 50m.

Charlotte's Web Chapter Summaries

Charlotte's Web Chapter Summaries

Mr.Arable- Fern’s dad walked out with an axe. Fern asked her mum where he was going and she said that he was going to the pig sty because there were new pigs and one was really little so he was going to put it to sleep. She ran out and tried to get the axe from her dad but he would not budge. He said  "You can keep it but you have to look after it."  She was so happy. The atmosphere is happy because she has got a piglet.

Wilbur the piglet was growing. He got moved into a pen in the wool shed. Fern went to see him every day. She could not go in but she could still see him. The sheep got used to her and did not get so scared.

One day Wilbur was bored. The goose said that he should push the loose board. He did then said that he should go for a walk about. He did but he got caught by Mrs. and Mr. Arable. All the animals found out.

It was raining, Wilbur was bored and he did not have friends. He did not eat his food. He had to have to medicine.

Wilbur heard a voice and the voice said, "Salutations!" At first he didn’t know who said it. Then he saw a large grey spider waving at him. It was Charlotte.

Chapter 6
It is summer and school's out for Fern and Avery. The goslings are hatching.

Chapter 7
Wilbur finds out that he’s going to be killed at Christmas. Charlotte calms him down and tells him she will save him.

Chapter 8
Fern tells her mum and dad what the animals talk about in the barn. Mrs. Arable is very concerned about Fern.

Chapter 9
Charlotte wrote SOME PIG in her web. Everybody was surprised and happy with Charlotte’s message. They thought it was a miracle!

Chapter 10
Charlotte has a meeting of all the animals in the barn. She asks Templeton if he can get a magazine clipping.

Chapter 11
Charlotte wrote a new word in her web. It was…TERRIFIC! 

Chapter 12
Mrs. Arable is worried about Fern and has a discussion with Dr. Dorian. He says maybe the animals really do talk and kids pay better attention than adults.

Chapter 13
It’s late summer and Wilbur will be going to the County Fair. Charlotte is not sure she can go because it is egg laying time.

Chapter 14
Everyone was dreaming about and getting ready for the Fair. Wilbur fainted when he heard Mr. Arable talking about ham and bacon.

Chapter 15
There’s a pig named Uncle at the Fair and he’s bigger than Wilbur. Wilbur is worried about his "competition" and Charlotte.

Chapter 16
Templeton finds another word for Charlotte-HUMBLE. Charlotte begins working on her egg sac.
Chapter 17
Charlotte makes an egg sac with 514 eggs in it. The big pig, Uncle, wins the Blue Ribbon, but Wilbur gets a special prize.

Chapter 18
Wilbur gets a medal, but it’s really Charlotte’s hour of triumph. She knows Wilbur will live.
Chapter 19
Wilbur found out that Charlotte was dying and tried to save her but he couldn’t so he saved her egg sac.

Chapter 20
All of Charlotte’s babies hatch and float away on the warm wind except for three of them. Wilbur has a happy life on the Zuckerman farm with Charlotte’s children and grandchildren but he never forgets his great friend Charlotte. 

Overall I thought this book was alright. It gets boring in the middle and there is not much action.

Wednesday, 24 June 2015

Winter (poetry)

This is a example of a Haiku. They are only three lines in a Haiku. On the first line you need 5 syllables, second line 7 syllables and the last one you need 5 syllables. Here is an example I wrote;

Winter is freezing,
There is snow on the mountains,
You can do ice sports.

Thursday, 18 June 2015

Just a Dream

I Stepped out of my door and saw ......... a tower of rubbish. It was as tall as Mount Everest! 
There was a ripple of wind. It started swaying. It smelled like old mouldy rubbish.

I walked around. All the houses were crushed. Bang, a sudden flash of light blasted through the air. Suddenly it went black. People were screaming. Another bang, a yell. What was going on?

All the light went off. I ran home. I could not find it. I found a bed so i thought to myself " if I went to bed it might stop."

When I woke up I was wrong. My bed was on the top of the mountain of rubbish. 
If we don't look after the world this could happen.


Spud Gun

In scine we got to choese what ivestigation we wanted to do. I chose Spud gun. We used different vegetables to see which would travel further. They were potato, apple and kumara. 
My results showed that kumara travelled the farthest.

Tuesday, 16 June 2015

My Speech

Animal Abuse

How would you like to be thrown on the road like a tin can? How would you like to be whipped every time you talk? How would you like your home taken away?

Ladies and Gentlemen, Boys and Girls, today I am talking about animal abuse, how common it is, what the rights of every animal are and finally what you can do if you see animal abuse happening.

Patch my kitten was dumped, 2-3 weeks before we moved. We lived on a farm and there was a forestry block next door to us. She was only 15cm small and she walked 2km! We found her in the woolshed. There were about 5 other cats that went to other places.

A few weeks ago, on Seven Sharp people in Auckland were serving people sea food still alive! What do you think about that? Would you like that? I wouldn't. This is just a couple of examples of animal abuse and unfortunately these events happen daily throughout New Zealand.

In my research I found out that every year SPCA centres receive 60,000 animals through their doors and 14,000 animal welfare complaints.

Perhaps if people followed the Five Freedoms rule that the SPCA uses then this number would be far lower. The Five Freedoms are five things that as a pet owner you need to make sure of.

They are.  Freedom from:

1. Hunger or thirst,

2. Discomfort and no shelter.

3. Disease and injury,

4. Distress and pain,

5. Freedom to Display normal behaviour.               

So what should you do if you see someone abusing an animal?
You should call the police and try and write down as much information as you can.
Things like.what the person looks like, the type of animal, the  licence plate number of the car, or the address.
It's really important that you don't go and try and deal with the situation yourself as you could get hurt as well.
Always call the police, and they, with the SPCA, will come to help.

Now you have heard about some examples of abuse, how common it is, what the requirements of owning a pet are and what you should do if you see someone hurting or abusing an animal.
When you go home today, I hope you will think about what I have told you, and give your own pet an extra pat or hug to show them how much you love them.

The Lions speech competition was on Sunday 21st June. I didn't get a placing but I enjoyed it.

On Sunday 17/6/15

On Sunday my Mum and Dad came back from Bali. They were away for 2 weeks. I was very excited that they were coming back. They had a very good time. The shopping was not very good over there because it was mostly summer clothes. I got two pairs of real sliver earings but it sucks because I have to learn my timestables off by heart, I got a blue dress, a ankle braclet and a surfing t-shirt, Over there they were walking on the rocks and people a head of them they said " STOP there is a snake." But the snake just slitherd away. There was this coffee that was made out of monkey poo. They got the monkeys to eat the coffe berry, then they would poo it out. They would clead the coffe bean and the ground it! My Mum said it was not very nice!

Thursday, 11 June 2015

R.E. 12/6/15

Today we were learning about Paul. Paul's real name is Saul. He was a Jew. Before he changed his name he was bad. He killed people who believed in Jesus. Saul was riding on a horse. Then suddenly a lighting strike hit Saul in both eyes. The followers took him in the town. Ananias came in and then Saul could see again. Ananias came because Jesus said to go and do it. Paul was bad but became good, he was one of Jesus's followers.

Monday, 8 June 2015

Early Christianity

In the Early times of Christianity, the Christian's were arrested for beleving in Jesus. Christianity is now 2,000 years old. In the early times the Romans would arrest and kill Christians.

Thursday, 4 June 2015

What I did in the long weekend

In the weekend I had a cold and did a guitar lesson. I talked to Stefanie on Skype. I played on my ipad. My Mum and Dad were packing to go on Wednesday to Bali. I was going to go but I did not want to miss school, be away from my friends and I don't think I will like the food! We took Jess and Wag our dogs for a walk around the block.

Our class new rat!

On Saturday Miss Hulls went to Timaru and got Spaghetti because the other rat passed way. He the cutest thing ever. He is mostly black/brown and very tiny. We are not allowed to take him out of cage because he is very small and can get lost very easily. We have a challenge that we have to make a play toy for him. We get a prize if we put effort in to the play toy.

Pilot Essay

What job has the best office view, you can travel the world and you are helping others while doing your job? What is it? My dream job, a Pi...