Monday, 31 October 2016

Orca Labor Weekend Swim Meet

For the Labour weekend I went down to Invercargill for a swim meet. When we were going down we stopped in Dunedin. When were we going through Balclutha there was a sign saying turn left to Invercargill "The Scenic Route Tour". There was no other sign saying to go straight ahead. So we went the scenic route tour, we were busy taking photos and my Mum noticed there was not much traffic and there were only farm trucks passing. We stopped and asked a farmer, he said we could keep going and we would come out in Invercargill. We backtracked and went into a 4 Square. The lady in there said it would take 2 and a half to go the scenic route tour but it was really windy. We could backtrack and go back to Balclutha and go on the main road and it would take the same amount of time. So we went back to Balclutha. It was a 1 hour and a half detour! When we got to Invercargill and we unpacked. Then we went to the pool. It was a 50m pool. For 200m it would be 4 lengths instead of 8! I nearly got two thirds, it was only by point seconds! I was meant to get another ribbon but they ran out! I was also chosen for the Orca Challenge Relay. We got 4th out of 8th. We had a man that was 26!!! He was so tall! We had to do the team chant and Danny kept running away!  We took Imogen home with us and on the way home we got Pita Pit.

Saturday, 8 October 2016

WATCH VIDEO: Little Gardens Video - How To Make!

I have been collecting these little gardens over this month and this is a 'how to and how they grow' video that I have made.

Special Olympics

In the holidays, Emily and I were invited to be part of the Special Olympics as support swimmers by the Oamaru Multi-Sport Club.  We went along and swam beside the swimmers. It was great to be part of it felt good to be back in the pool! Mrs Bartley said "It was a great day and our Athletes swam 1178 laps between them.  Having the support from the girls really kept them motivated.  My son was aiming for 100 laps, but ended up doing 300 so was an awesome effort."



On the last day of school I went down to Dunedin and got my braces put on! The colours I chose were pink and aqua blue. I get the colours changed every month! It was hard to eat the first few days, but you got used to it. It didn't hurt, it was just tight and tender when you eat. Sometimes the braces stick into your gum but you can put some wax on it so it doesn't hurt so much!

Tuesday, 4 October 2016

North Otago Cross Country

Two weeks after school Cross Country, because I got second, I went to North Otago Cross Country. I got 6th out of a lot of year 7 girls. We had to jump over heaps of horse jumps. It was tiring, but it was fun. I saw heaps of people from my old school and my swimming friends too.

Monday, 3 October 2016

READ BOOK REVIEW: Harry Potter and the Cursed Child

Harry Potter and The Cursed Child
      By J.K.Rowling, John Tiffany, Jack Thorne.

Harry Potter and The Cursed Child is a fiction book. It is “Special rehearsed script” so it is done in scenes. There are four acts. They have written this because they had a two shows in London, part 1 and part 2.  I have done it in parts because I thought it would be easier, I have also done a sentence from each scene. Some scenes might have more than one sentence. It helps to have read the Harry Potter series, as this follows on.  (Just to let you know!)  The background of the story is about Harry Potter’s son Albus, who is struggling with being Harry’s son. Harry has killed Voldemort, but is Voldemort really gone, does he have a child?  What happens when Albus and his friend find a hidden time turner and time travel to bring back Cedric Diggory, who died in the last ever Triwizard Tournament.
Part 1 Act 1:
The story starts when they are at Kings Cross Station. Albus (it’s Albus’ first time) and James are going to Hogwarts. Albus is concerned that he is going to be put in Slytherin. Albus and Rose got onto the train. Albus wants to sit with Scorpius (Draco’s son) but Rose refuses and goes and sits somewhere else. They got into the Great Hall to be sorted into houses. Rose got sorted into Gryffindor, Scorpius got into Slytherin. Albus put the sorting hat on “SLYTHERIN”......... Two years went by and they were in the Great Hall again.  “Lily Potter. GRYFFINDOR” (Harry’s and Ginny’s house). Amos and Harry were talking. Amos wants Cedric back with the only time turner left. Albus heard all of the conversation. Albus is sitting in his room, he heard a loud noise from James’ room. James’ hair turned pink from a joke from their Uncle Ron. Albus got a love potion. Harry gave Albus an old blanket (the only thing he had left from his parents). They started to get into an argument. Albus went to pick up the blanket which caught the love potion. Albus ran out of the room. That night he had a dream and at the end of it you could here Voldemort’s voice……Haarrry Potttttter! Harry wakes up in pain with his scare! Fourth Year. Albus and Scorpius were talking about the Triwizard Tournament. Albus said about Harry and Amos talking about Cedric. Next they were on the roof of the train. The trolley witch popped out of nowhere “Would you like anything from the trolley dears? Pumpkin Pasty? Chocolate Frogs? Cauldron Cakes?” Albus took the lead and said the Cushioning Charm “Molliare” he jumps. Scorpius followed. Albus and Scorpius got to St Oswald’s Home for Old Witches and Wizards. They got a “wool women” and she took them to Amos. Albus and Amos started talking and Albus agreed to help Amos and Delphi (Cedric’s cousin) get Cedric back.  Albus, Scorpius and Delphi looked at a small bottle. It was polyjuice potion, so that they can get into the Ministry and get the time turner. Harry, Ginny, Hermione and Draco were talking about Albus and Scorpius going missing. Delphi/Hermione and Scorpius/Harry got into Hermione's office. Meanwhile you could hear Albus/Ron talking to Hermione. Delphi/Hermione and Scorpius/Harry were looking at the book case. There was a code. They unlocked the code and got the time turner!

Part 1 Act 2:
Haaaaarry Potttttter! Harry woke up, Harry flicked his wand for a light to come out of his wand.  Harry had a dream of Voldemort and Albus was in Durmstrang robes. (It was very clear.) “I know where they are,” Harry said to Ginny. Harry and Ginny went to Professor McGonagall’s office, they told Professor McGonagall about everything. Draco, Ron and Hermione  appeared out of the fireplace to come and help. Albus, Delphi and Scorpius were on the edge of the forbidden forest. Albus and Scorpius got dressed into Durmstrang robes so they can blend in. Everyone went into the forest to search for Albus and Scorpius. People started to melt away and Harry was left alone. Harry came across Bane, Bane was  not very happy because the Forbidden Forest is the centaurs land. Centaurs also read the stars, Bane said there was a dark cloud over Albus. Albus and Scorpius were at the edge of the forbidden forest. They had never seen the castle from that view before. They heard Ron’s voice, they took the time turner flipped it three times and they were gone into time travel! Triwizard tournament 1994. They heard a roar of the voice of Ludo Bagman, “LET THE TRIWIZARD TOURNAMENT BEGIN!” First we have Cedric Diggory, Albus and Scorpius disarmed Cedric. BUT while they were doing that the time turner started to shake and a ticking sound grow louder and louder and they were whizzed back to time. “Hello Dad, anything wrong?” “Yes, you could say that!” Albus was running away and Harry was chasing after him. “I will run away again and I will make sure that Ron does not find me.” “Did someone say my name?” asked Ron as he appeared out of nowhere, he was just going to give him some chocolate from Padma and him. Albus has made some changes in time, which has changed the present day. Ron is married to Padma and has a son called Panju! Harry went up to the headmaster's office, he gave Professor McGonagall the Marauder’s Map to keep an eye on Scorpius  and Albus to stay apart. Hermione was the defence against the dark arts teacher. She docked 50 points of Gryffindor. Draco and Harry were talking. Scorpius was sad because he could not see Albus anymore, Harry changed all the timetables so that Albus and Scorpius don’t see each other. Is that the wrong reason? Harry and Draco started to fight. Ginny came into the kitchen “I only left this room three minutes ago! What did I miss then?” Albus and Scorpius bumped into each other in the library. Scorpius started talk to Albus, Albus was not sure but then they started talking about how Ron and Hermione weren't together, Hermione was a professor and Rose did not even exist! Scorpius cleared things up, Hermione and Ron went to the Yule ball together so Ron did not get jealous. As they were talking Professor McGonagall came  into the library  holding the Marauders map in her hands. She gave all the impression that she was coming into the room, “Albus?,  Albus Potter. Scorpius Malfoy. Are they in there together? Because I advise you not to be!” “I am coming in!” Albus had James invisibility coast, so they jumped under it. Hermione and Ron bumped into each other, Hermione asked what Ron was doing here. Ron said that Panju got in trouble for showing off. They were telling each other about Albus saying they were married. Harry wanted to find Albus. Meanwhile Albus and Scorpius were in the girl’s bathroom. They were figuring out the second task! The boys disappear into time travel as Draco and Harry came into the bathroom. When they came back to normal time, Dolores Umbridge was yelling at Scorpius to get out of the lake. He asked Professor Umbridge where Albus was, she said that Harry Potter was dead ages ago! Welcome to Voldemort's Day!

Part 2 Act 1:
Scorpius went into the Headmistress’ office. Prof Umbridge said he would be a good head boy but when she found him in the lake, and also being so interested in Harry Potter. He said that he can be trusted and he left the office. Everyone calls him “Scorpion King”. Polly asked Scorpius who he was taking to the Blood Ball (wanting him to choose her!).  You, Polly Chapman! There was a loud scream, “What is that screaming?” asked Scorpius, Polly said it was Mudbloods in the dungeons. What had he made this world into?! Scorpius walked into the library. Crag was doing his homework for Snape and it was not ready yet. “Did he just say Snape?” Scorpius walked into Snape’s office and he didn’t even knock. Scorpius started talking about the Triwizard tournament, Harry won and Cedric got humiliated. He became a death eater, he killed Neville who was supposed  to kill Nagini, to kill Voldemort! Snape thought it was a joke. “Harry Potter is dead, not in my world he isn’t! Please for Lily.” Colloportus, aren't you coming then? Scorpius follow Snape into the Campaign room, where Ron and Hermione were there. They are the only members of Dumbledore's Army left. They are in hiding because they have a price tag on them. If they are found they would get the dementor kiss (when the dementors suck their souls out of them). The time turned and they were on the edge of the forest. They blocked Albus spell and then the whizzed back to real time. They were above ground.. They were in big trouble now. The dementors started to swoop in on Hermione and Ron, Snape and Scorpius occupied their thoughts and started to walk down to the lake. As they were walking Umbridge appeared. She was very suspicious for years. “Run and tell Albus that I am proud that he carries my name!” The doe leads him to the lake and then disappeared. Albus appeared out of the lake and Ginny, Harry, Draco and Prof McGonagall were walking down towards the lake. “Myrtle told us everything,” said Ginny. Harry was sleeping that night and he had a dream that Aunt Petunia and he were at Godric’s Hollow, Graveyard. There was heaps of flowers on the two graves. As they were looking at them there was a voice, “I smell guilt, there is a stench of guilt upon the air!” and Voldemort's hand came out of the Potter’s grave! Then Harry woke up! Harry and Ginny were rushing through Slytherin with Professor McGonagall behind them. Harry pulled open Albus’ bed curtain and Ginny opened Scorpius. They were both not there. At that time Albus, Scorpius and Delphi were all up at the owlery. Delphi had the time turner, she snapped Scorpius’s wand. “Fulgair!” Ron was at Hermione office, eating porridge and talking about a marriage renewal as they were leaning into their second kiss, Harry, Ginny and Draco walked in! They told Hermione about the dream and that Albus and Scorpius were missing. “I’ll get some Aurors summoned immediately, I’ll-” Ron said it was all fine he saw him last night! He was drinking a couple of firewhiskey with Neville Longbottom, it was very late and he was wondering what floo he could use. He saw him by the owlery with his ‘older girlfriend’ with silver and blue hair.  Harry figured that he was talking about Delphi Diggory! It was about Cedric again. Harry and Draco walked into Amos’s room. They asked where his niece was. He said that he no niece, him and his wife both had no brothers or sisters. Albus, Scorpius and Delphi were on the quidditch pitch. Craig JR came running! “AVADA KEDAVRA!” Then there was a motionless craig on the ground. Delphi put her hand on the time turner and they were gone back into time! Delphi was floating in mid-air without a broom! She smashed the time turner and they were stuck in time! Back in time Harry, Ginny, Hermione, Ron and Draco were looking at the oak-panelled room. Ginny unscrewed a chimney off a lamp. There was this hissing sound. It was speaking Parseltongue. Harry heard it and it said ‘welcome Augurey’, it wants him to open it! He speaks in Parseltongue and there was a voice. It was a new prophecy, Cedric was a spare. “When time is turned, she has the time turner doesn't she?” said Ron. Words appeared on the wall ‘I will rebirth the Dark. I will bring my father back!’ Voldemort has a daughter?!

Part 2 Act 4:   
Albus and Scorpius were at the Aviemore Train Station, 1981. They figured out that it was the night before Hallows Eve. They went straight to Godric’s Hollow. They found Lily and James house and they needed to send Albus’s dad a message, but how? They saw Lily putting a blanket over Harry. That was it the blanket! They needed some Tincture of Demiguise because Pearl Dust and Tincture of Demiguise react. There was this rumor that Bathilda Bagshot never saw the point of wizards locking their doors, and the rumor was right! They went in to steal some wands and get potioning. Harry was sitting on Albus’s bed. He was looking at the blanket as Ginny walked. Meanwhile Albus and Scorpius are wondering what to write on the blanket. Does that say Dad, Hello Good? No that says Hollow and there are some numbers, ‘3...1...1...0...8...1’ said Ginny. “That’s a date 31 October, 1981! Get Hermione and Draco and tell them to meet us at Godric's Hollow with a time turner. They all turned up at Godric’s Hollow and then they went back in time. They found Albus and Scorpius, then they got into place. Harry became a fake Voldemort and the rest went into hiding in the Church. Harry/Voldemort found Delphi. She soon figured out that it was Harry when the spell started to wear off. Then the fight began, Harry had never fighted alone before and as he said that to Delphi, Hermione, Ron, Draco and Ginny came in with wands out! They were not going to murder her they were going to take her with them to go to AZKABAN! A horrible hissing sound came ‘the sound of death’ and Voldemort went into the Potter’s house. There was nothing to do but watch! AVADA KEDAVRA! And then they were back in current time! Harry and Albus were sitting on top of the hill looking at the sun setting. “I think it’s going going to be a nice day. So do I!”

What do you think? I really enjoyed the book because it could be used as a play and it is also a great read.  It was a good mystery and the moral of the story, is don’t try and change the past, it would have happened for a reason. It all made sense from the last books. I would recommend this book to the people who like the Harry Potter series! If you haven’t read the Harry Potter series but you really want to read Harry Potter and the Cursed Child I recommend that you read all the other books so it makes sense!

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