Monday, 31 October 2016

Orca Labor Weekend Swim Meet

For the Labour weekend I went down to Invercargill for a swim meet. When we were going down we stopped in Dunedin. When were we going through Balclutha there was a sign saying turn left to Invercargill "The Scenic Route Tour". There was no other sign saying to go straight ahead. So we went the scenic route tour, we were busy taking photos and my Mum noticed there was not much traffic and there were only farm trucks passing. We stopped and asked a farmer, he said we could keep going and we would come out in Invercargill. We backtracked and went into a 4 Square. The lady in there said it would take 2 and a half to go the scenic route tour but it was really windy. We could backtrack and go back to Balclutha and go on the main road and it would take the same amount of time. So we went back to Balclutha. It was a 1 hour and a half detour! When we got to Invercargill and we unpacked. Then we went to the pool. It was a 50m pool. For 200m it would be 4 lengths instead of 8! I nearly got two thirds, it was only by point seconds! I was meant to get another ribbon but they ran out! I was also chosen for the Orca Challenge Relay. We got 4th out of 8th. We had a man that was 26!!! He was so tall! We had to do the team chant and Danny kept running away!  We took Imogen home with us and on the way home we got Pita Pit.

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