Saturday, 8 August 2015

My Character Profile - Vicki Wilson

Viki is very talented. She has two sisters Amanda and Kelly.

When she was young she did not have very much money. She had to work very hard for everything. She would often have little money and in the beginning she had to buy untrained and sometimes hurt horses, because they were cheaper.

Vicki would train and race, she would get a placing in most events. She would be calm and patient with the horses and even if she fell off them, she would still get back on and ride them.  One time, she dislocated her should and she hung from the rafters to put it back.  She is calm and tough.

The most recent thing Vicki and her sisters have done was save New Zealand's wild horses, the Kaimanawa horses, on the Kaimanawa hill range on the Central Plateau. They filmed what they did.  Amanda was in charge of filming, Kelly job was taking photos and writing the book.

The sisters had to all train and compete in the first ever Kaimaniwa event. They had 80 days to turn wild horses into being able to be ridden and compete. Vicki came second and last in this event, the other two sisters placed as well.

I like Vicki, because she is the oldest, the boss of things and she is strong.  She is really good at training horses and even if a horse bucks her off, she gets back on and keeps going.

I have the book For the Love of Horses. I really recomend this book because it goes back to when they were young and less fortunate than us and now they have become professional horse riders. It is $45 from Paper Plus. 


  1. A very inspirational NZ woman indeed.

    1. Yes, I have read the book For The Love Of Horses and she inspired me to go on one of their camps and save up for it myself!


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