Sunday, 8 November 2015

Keeping Ourself Safe

Zoe and Aroha are walking home from the dairy eating ice creams. Up ahead of them they noticed an unfamiliar car parked at the side of the road. As they approach, a woman winds down the window and calls the girls over. Reluctantly the approached the car. " Hi are you today today?," the lady called. "We're fine thanks," the girls replied.'They look like yummy ice creams. Your mum just called me to come and pick you because she isn't felling well." Zoe and Aroha looked at each other and decided their mum said just to walk home and she was not sick. " Ummmm that's ok our mum said to walk home," said Zoe. " Well just get in the car!" The lady jumped out and and opened the car, "Well go on then get in," said the random lady. "NO" they shouted! The lady pushed them in to the car and slammed the door behind them and jumped in and locked the car. The lady drove off with them locked in the car. They stopped up by a little bungalow. The lady pulled them out and shoved them into the house. They got pushed into a small room and were very squished. The lady locked the door.They whispered about   how to get out. They got a stone and smashed the window. They ran home and told their mum, who told the police. 
This term we have peen learning about keeping ourselves safe. 

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