Tuesday, 5 January 2016

E.O.T.C Week

On Monday we did Mini Masterchef and a first aid course. For Mini Marsterchef we made crispy apricot balls and smoothies. I did not get to try my smoothie because everyone else drunk it. I liked the first aid course  because I learnt heaps. I got a pen as well.
We walked to the Rec Centre and half of us went to do rock climbing, the other half of us did team working activities. My group did team building skills first. Then we went rock climbing. I went to the top of the rock climbing wall. I was glad we did rock climbing last or else it would be a long wait.
We went to Devils Bridge road to go abseiling. It was really hot. I went twice. The first time I went down I was nervous. It was really fun. Then in the afternoon we did clay art. our theme was the wetlands. We were going to go there but it was too hot so we decided that we would do art instead.
We had swimming (survival skills). I could not do it because I had to go to hospital. I was trying to pick the class rat up and he scratched me on the pinky. We had Subway for lunch. Then we walked to Steampunk HQ. We did an art competition. I did not do it because I was really tired. We walked back to school.

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