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My Anzac Essay

Anzac. A is for Australia, N is for New (Zealand), Z is for (New) Zealand, A is for Army and C is for Corps. Anzac is a collaboration between New Zealand and Australian armed forces in World War 1 and 2. This essay is based on Anzac but my main focus is World War 2, Nazi (Germany), Battle of Britain and my relation Howard Perry Hill, who was a pilot in the Battle of Britain.

The Nazi party was formed in 1919.  In 1923 Hitler tried to take over the German government but failed. Hitler’s party won the election for prime minister in 1932. He and his party controlled the Germans and said “The Germans will return power again both economically and physically. But first the Jews must be eliminated!”

The Nazi’s started WW2 off because Adolf Hitler wanted power over all the world and because the Germans lost WW1. The Nazi’s hated the Jews because according to Hitler, the Jews made the Germans lose WW1. Hitler believed that the problems that Germany was facing at the time was because of the Jews!

They invaded Poland in 1939 and that started WW2.  The Nazi’s took over Austria and Czechoslovakia (next to Germany). The Nazi’s killed heaps of Jews; they also killed Germans who were hiding Jews.

During WW2 the Nazi’s carried out the holocaust; they put Jews down under ground caves and put poisonous gas in. They also had concentration camps where Jews had to work for the Nazi’s and were also killed there. Over 6 million Jews were killed. (More than the population of New Zealand!!!) On April 30 1945, Hitler killed himself days before the Germans surrendered.

After WW2 Nazism still survived in some part of Germany and other countries. In the 1990’s some German youth formed gangs that believed in Nazish ideas. They were called the neo-Nazi or New Nazi’s, but the numbers were kept small.

The Battle of Britain was an important battle in WW2, the Battle of Britain started on 10th of July 1940 the first German bombing started (known as The Blitz). It lasted for many months. The Germans had taken over most of Europe and France. The only thing that was stopping them was Great Britain; Germany wanted to invade Great Britain but first the had to destroy the air force.

Germany needed to prepare for the invasion of Britain, so the attacked the small towns first. However they soon found out that the Britain’s Royal Air Force was strong. This meant they bombed runways and British radars instead. Although the Germans didn’t stop bombing the British air force did not stop either.

Hitler started to get frustrated had already took 57 nights. So Hitler decided that they would attack the big cities instead, including London, on September 15, 1940, Germans launched a large bombing attack on London. The Germans felt like they were close to victory. The British Royal Air took to the skies and scared the German bombers. They shot down a lot of Germans planes.

It was clear Britain was winning and Germany was losing.  Although Germany continued on bombing London and other targets in Britain for a long time the raids began to slow, as the Germans realized they could not defeat the Royal Air Force! Britain won, even though the Germans had more planes and pilots, the British were able to fight them off; this was because the were in their homeland and flying over their own territory. They had radars too, that when the enemy (Germans) came into their territory they would have time to organise and prepare. They would know when and where the Germans were attacking from.

Howard Perry Hill, is my fourth cousin.  He was born in Christchurch on the 17th of April, 1920. He lived in Marlborough. Howard fought in the Battle of Britain; He was a pilot officer in 92 squadron in the New Zealand Army, and he flew a spitfire.  He was killed in the Battle of Britain on the 20th of September, 1940, at age 20, when his spitfire was shot down. Only 15 aircrew from New Zealand fought in the Battle of Britain; Howard is on this list, known as “The Few”.  He is well known. He is buried in Kent in the UK.

It was a horrible time; Hitler did horrible things. All those Jews that were killed for no reason. They were put down caves with gas and had to do horrible things for the Nazi’s.

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