Monday, 29 August 2016

Persuasive Writing

I don’t think the pool should be closed for a month. I know it is closed for maintenance but it is to long for swimmers like me.

All the swimmers are going to lose all their fitness that they have been training so hard to improve their times, and now it is going to be wasted. We are probably going to miss some swim meets that we could get into Junior Nations. So it is going to be a limited swim meets now to qualify for Juniors. If we did train for swim meets we would have to travel a long distance to get to a pool. Plus all the icy roads and winter weather. If we went down to Dunedin or Timaru we would get home late.

Couldn’t the pool be closed over a week? Then we could train that weekend so we don’t lose all our fitness. Or could it be closed over a weekend and maybe half of a week. If there is no visual difference it would be no point for the pool to be closed for a month.

All the elderly / injured people need the pool and the spa.  If elderly people  don’t go to the pool for a long time the would lose all the their fitness, and the elderly need the pool for aqua jogging and the spa. Injured people need the spa and the cold tub to heal their injuries.

I have a strong agreement that the pool shouldn’t be closed for a month. I know that they have to do maintenance but does it have to be a month.     

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