Tuesday, 25 July 2017

My EMBARRASSING Brother - That I Don't Have!!

Goal: Language Resources

“Why, why, WHY? Why is MY brother so embarrassing?” Well you're probably wondering why I’m going on about my brother being so EMBARRASSING, well let me explain! My brother is a very awkward, smelly (like a rotting rat was in his pocket), PS4 addicted (like a cat to catnip), geeky 15 year old, who has no friends - well he does have 1 friend…… but she’s not really real!

My Mum is a ‘go and get some fresh air’ kind of mum, so when my mum said to my brother “Go and get look at the beautiful surroundings out in the air,” he didn’t argue he just did what my mum said and got some clean air, rather than a stinky boys room. Here is the embarrassing part; He took his imaginary ‘Girlfriend’ with him! You might be thinking why is this so bad, let’s just say IT’S BAD!!

If he is in a public space he pretends to be with his ‘girlfriend’ and he does all the things that people with their ‘special friend’; like holding hands and all the other GROSS things people do with their ‘special friend’! I never want to be around him when we are out in public because now he has a ‘girlfriend’ and pretends like he is talking to his ‘girlfriend’ people always look and laugh. Its funny if your watching but not really if you related!

My Brother likes to invent new things (part of my brothers geekiness!), one of his new and improved things he’s invented is a fart-gun! Yes a fart-gun! He has tested it out in the house before and it smells horrific - it smells like you have just dived into a sewer tank……. aka DISGUSTING!! Whenever my Brother builds a new creation he has to show his ‘girlfriend’. My Dad has banned it from our property so he went to the park.

He improved it by putting more of everything in it and even putting some fireworks in it! He went to the park to show his ‘girlfriend’ to ‘impress’ her. When he pulled the trigger on the fart-gun it made a terrible farting sound, everyone started laughing, then their faces turned white with horror. The only one who was clapping was his ‘girlfriend’ and everyone else had fell over on the surface with the terrible odor.

It was a bad idea to do it on that day because little did he know he there was a national ‘Catch The Murderer Day’ - so there was heaps of police around! When he set it off it made a very loud noise and the smell waves flowed into every corner of the city. The police can running,
“What have you done?” said one of the many police,
“What’s that terrible smell” said another policemen/just as they said that (and more than 30 other policemen saying the same thing)all of the policeman dropped to the ground.

When the smell had faded away more policemen come to arrest my brother for the terrible smell he made. A lot of people went to hospital sick as a dog from the smell. My brother swiftly ran away knowing (I don’t know how he thought that with his ‘brain’) that the police would come after him.

He went far, far away into a forest. When our Mum said
“Go and get some fresh air,”
He went away into a forest and made an underground house. So that’s where he went there and stayed there for a long time. Meanwhile when he went missing people were looking everywhere, there were police with dogs, he was on the headlines of papers, billboards and on the news.  

1 year went by and know one saw him…… He was still alive but stick thin. Someone was walking through the forest and saw him, lying on the ground…….... DEAD; That’s the story why I’m an only child!

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