Thursday, 30 July 2015

About Molly Whittaker


  • Wishes To: Have a lifestyle block, on the top of the Crown Hill Range. I would ride horses and have heaps of animals like: horses, cows, sheep, dogs and cats.
  • Wants To Be Like: The Wilson sisters and save the Kaimanawas, train them and race them.  
  • Dreams Of: Meeting Taylor Swift and the Wilson sisters: Vicki, Kelly and Amanda.
  • Would Like To: Have a design company called MoMo Design. I would sell EVERYTHING!
  • Wonders About: Flying all over the world and help the poor and sick, in less fortunate countries than us.
  • Fears: Losing my family and snakes and crocodiles. Things I hate about snakes and crocodiles are: they can eat you, they are scaly and ugly.
  • Wonders about: What it would like to be poor and live on the street.
  • Believes: "That if you put you head to it you can make it happen."
  • Loves: Family, dogs, cats, horses, friends, aeroplanes, swimming and school.


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