Saturday, 8 April 2017

Caritas Challenge

On Friday the 7th of April the head students (Peta, Fergus, Josh and I) planned the Caritas Challenge. On the day Josh was sick so we had to get 3 other people, Zeth (Deputy Head), Corbin (Lima House Captain) and Georgia (Lima House Captain). Peta and I were in charge of cooking.  In cooking we had gas stoves which we cooked rice on. Thankfully no one burnt themselves.

Zeth and Georgia were in charge of the box huts(Live It Challenge). We got heaps of cardboard boxes, the kids made houses out of them because in poor countries there would be no really fancy houses. They were in teams of 4 or 5 and they all had to fit in the shelter.

Fergus and Corbin were in charged of the water challenge (Sweat It Challenge). They teams carried water up and down the hill and tried not to spill it. Over all it was a good day. We raised $390 Caritas! All this money goes towards poor countries that are in need of shelter, food and water.

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