Saturday, 11 March 2017

Leadership Retreat!

 On the 8th to the 9th of February our class went to a leadership camp, at Camp Iona! That week we only had one day of school on Tuesday, because it was Waitangi Day on Monday, we had school as normal on Tuesday, had leadership camp on Wednesday and Thursday and had Technology and St Keven's on Friday!!

On the camp we learnt about Peer Mediation, where you sort out problems in the playground and help the kids to sort them out themselves. We also did team building activities. We got to go on an adventure course which we couldn't go on last time because it was too wet. We did an amazing race, we were in teams of 5 and had clues. Our team was leading but we ended coming 2nd last because we got stuck on the riddles!

On Thursday (the last day) we went kayaking and sailing at McKerrows pond! It was so much fun because we got to hangout with my friends and have fun sailing and kayaking. The water was cold and at the end the wind started to pick up a bit, but otherwise it was nice weather.

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