Tuesday, 25 July 2017

Persuasive Writing #1

Why we shouldn’t have a lifeguard as a coach while our actual coach is away.

NOTE: This is not about the person it is abou t why we should have a professional coach while our actual coach is away!

How would YOU like if a random person, (That doesn’t know what to do!) came one day instead of your actual coach and YOU, got bossed around like they know what to do? Would you like that? Well I don’t like it when that happens. My reasons are they don’t know what to do, get angry at you for not doing the right thing *when you are*, and everyone goes all silly because no one will say “Don’t do that!”

We shouldn’t have a lifeguard as a coach while our actual coach is away because they don’t know what we actually do in training: As swimmers (and as Intermediate and Age group squad swim mainly everyday) we know what we do in swimming, so we don’t need to be told what to do; like “now you do 16 lengths (400 meters) of IM” - We know what it means. I know that Development Squad is younger and they need  someone to help them, but the squads above Development know what to do. Sometimes the lifeguard changes the program, example: They took out kick and changed it to something else. Kick is an important thing to practice in swimming to get a strong kick - so we can go faster at meets and improve our pbs*. It is also recovery; when you have done fast sets you are tired, so kick is a good way to catch your breath.  
*Personal Bests

Secondly, I think we shouldn’t have a lifeguard as a coach is, they would get paid the same amount of money as the Professional coach would that day or week they teach: Since they are taking the role of the professional coach for the time the coach is away, they would get paid as the coach would. My personal opinion is that they don’t deserve that amount of money. The reason why is because some people don’t train as hard as if the proper coach was there - People would start to slack! The lifeguard does not give you advice or tips on a stroke; for an example the real coach has said to me when I had just swam 50m Breaststroke in a set he was like, “You look like a drowned rat because you are not stretching out long” the next time I did 50m breaststroke (and I stretched out longer) the professional coach was like “much better”, that's what a coach does. Or maybe it is the pool manager's problem. I feel like they don’t want to pay money to get a proper coach while our actual coach is away. Especial if you are putting the prices up, I think you need to put in place a proper coach that knows what to do.

My final point is that there could be better people that could teach us; there is better people than using the first and cheapest person you can find. I think you could use the older people from age group (unless they are away at a swim meet) because they could learn new things from watching people - it would be good because both of the people would learn something! They kids swimming would learn some tips and the age group person could try out a new technique in training. They would also get some pocket money and you won’t have to pay as much/or you could use an ex-national swimmer, that teaches in the swim program already. They would already know what to do in training because they have already swam with the squads before. They would give you tips to improve your stroke, turn and dive; and plus they are also really nice.

I really believe that instead of getting the first person you can find, you should think about who you should get to coach us. Thank you for listening to my point.   

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