Tuesday, 25 July 2017

Persuasive Writing #2

Why Oamaru should extend the Oamaru Pool to a 50m pool.

Would you get annoyed if when you went to the pool and you couldn't swim because there wasn't enough room to swim? Well why do you have to put up with that, there is enough room to extend the pool why don't they make a start?  

Recently the pool has got a lot more people going through the doors; which means more money for the Waitaki District Council. With more people going through the doors means more complaints because the pool is not big enough. The Oamaru Swim Club has grown majorly in the last couple of years. The squads have gotten bigger. Which means that the squads and lessons will take up more lanes in the pool. Then there is all the aqua joggers that want a lot of room to aqua jog in. There is also the public who just want to swim in lanes (but then have to get kicked out of their lane for squads) and not be jammed in. What about all those people that just go to the pool to play? If all the lanes are filled with the squads and lessons, then there would be one more lane for people who want to swim lengths, then there would be no room for people who want to free play. So to fix this problem we could use the park outside because unless I´m blind it never gets used (except for the hospital - when the helicopter lands). So maybe you could increase the pool and use some of that useless park! This is another reason we should extend the pool.

It would bring more people to Oamaru. This would be more money for shops, places for people to stay and food places like New World and shops like that. If the pool is done really well people would want to go back to oamaru because it has a great pool that can cope for everyone. Having a 50m pool would mean it would cope for all the people. You could have a divider in the pool so you could have twice the amount of people in the same pool. If you have 10 lanes, it could double just like that with someone putting in the divider. It would go from 10 lanes to 20 lanes. Our coach Narcis could have 10 lanes to have all the squads going at the same time. There would be room for the aqua joggers (lets say 2 lanes), lessons (4 lanes), and there would still be room for people to swim. Oamaru could hosts big (national) meets. There would be 50m of seats along the poolside, and there would be enough lanes. If they do the facilities really well so there is enough room for people to get changed, go to the toilet, have a shower etc.  

If there is enough room, why don't they start? This is why I think we should extend the pool!

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